Concept and design are the most important things in the definition of a new boat or a new range.

The Saxdor team works closely with J&J to design Saxdor boats.
J&J Design is, arguably, world’s most experienced boat design office for production power- and sailboats. In the last 36 years J&J designed innumerous bestsellers for world’s largest and most prestigious boat and yacht builders.

Visionary boat designer and founder of Saxdor Yachts, Sakari Mattila, previously founded four successful and internationally-awarded boat brands: Axopar, Paragon, XO-boats, and Aquador. Throughout his remarkable career, Mattila has had the role of lead strategist and original designer for each of these much loved brands.

  • 1994Mattila founds Aquador Yachts in 1994.

  • 2003Mattila founds Paragon Yachts.

  • 2008Together with Erkki Talvela, Mattila founds XO boats in 2008.

  • 2012Mattila starts the Axopar project in co-operation with Josef Wizsniewski, the owner and founder of the Slepsk shipyard.

  • 2014The first Axopar 28 is launched at the Helsinki International Boat show in February of 2014. Mattila founds Axopar Boats in March of 2014.

  • 2015As an indication of Mattila's design Axopar 28 wins the Best of Boats award and Axopar becomes the fastest-growing boat brand in Europe.

  • 2019Sakari innovates the concept and design of Saxdor during the Spring of 2019 and founds Saxdor Yachts in November.

  • 2020A group of private investors and key persons of the Saxdor management team become significant minority shareholders. United Bankers Plc acts as advisor to Saxdor Yachts. The subsidiary shipyard of Saxdor Yachts begins the production of Saxdor 200 in Poland.

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